Art your Heart Shop is founded by a mother and daughter duo, Entela & Keijsi.

If you wanna live the “not so basic” basic lifestyle, well AYH is the brand for you. At AYH, we don’t believe that performance and design cannot go hand in hand. You don’t have to choose between feeling comfortable and stylish. We design to blur this line. Whether you’re running errands, going to the gym, going to work/school, or just going out, we’re here to be your everyday essentials in a cool way. 

At AYH, we design the extraordinary concept based on performance and casual streetwear. By designing high quality, durable, functional accessories accessible to everyone, we’re on a mission to perform and attract. 



It all started with the need for a functional bag to wear daily.

We always felt that there is a huge gap in the industry when coming to accessories and clothes that are comfortable and stylish. You always have to choose between quality and design, and let’s not even mention prices.

This was our goal when thinking about AYH, to deliver quality and design. Along with our talented painter Entela, we designed a tote bag that’s got it all. The first design we made, the Reve Tote Bag soon became a staple. “The not so basic” basic tote bag designed to be functional without sacrificing either the quality or the exclusive design we all love.

Made for women on the go, who love the comfort lifestyle, value quality, treasure the artistic mindset, and think differently. 

A streetwear brand concepted to deliver performance and style by embracing creativity, extravagance, and the casual lifestyle dream. 

Each of our pieces is hand-painted

Each of our designs is hand-painted on blank canvas and then designed and made into fabric. The process is very special and dear to us. The painting and the signature details of our designs take place in our studio inside our art gallery in Montreal, Canada.


“Life on the go may be a bit chaotic, whether you are a mom, a student, a traveler, a hardworking woman…we have enough on our plates. We started this brand to inspire each of you to feel confident and not overthink it, just add that pop of color to your outfit and start the day with a smile.”

With lots of love

Entela & Keijsi

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