A note from our founder

I am not someone who has a massive following on social media, I just encountered a problem and started searching for a solution. I prefer comfortable and casual clothing, but leisure wear can be tricky as it’s difficult to find something that you can be comfortable and feel cool in it. I was tired of the mainstream sweatshirts and sweat sets that had no personality or authenticity, and the ones that did have these qualities were too expensive for me to afford. 

With so many trends that come and go and all the unaffordable options, I, being a Virgo who likes to analyze, decided to take things into my own hands. I had no prior design experience or any entrepreneurial background, but I enjoy fashion and researching. So, after months and many failures later, I combined all the things we love about our boyfriend’s favorite oversized sweatshirts and created a better one. 

With love, Cassey 


According to the internet, the “Cool Girl” is sexy, sporty, smart, fun to hang around with, very chill, speaks her mind, effortless and authentic. We’d like to add that SHE is also comfortable in her own skin and ALWAYS unapologetically herself. 


Our motto is simple.

You don’t need to follow the traditional ways to express yourself. 

 We make cool sweats, oversized fits, for cool prices. 


AYH (Art your Heart) —an elevated everyday sweats brand focused on designing high-quality and cool sweats at affordable prices. My goal when designing for AYH was to create a clothing brand that promotes authenticity and fun, feature the perfect oversized fit, you feel cool and comfortable in it without breaking the bank.